Our Portfolios

Our photography styles are different but often we will share a thought. We both love to experiment with digital artwork as well and that is where you will really see our different styles shine through. We love creating and often create images together in some form or another. Explore our individual portfolios below.


Meghan Smith

Photography is my first love and my favourite form to create in. I have always done alot of drawing and daydreaming however, so alot of my artwork stems from days spent in nature and studying small sections of plants and animals. My love for all things natural I think helps me see light and patterns in photography and the city I have found myself in for the past 16 years. Most of my photography consists of street photography and happenstance. Seeing beauty in the everyday mundane.


Nicole Langdon-Davies

I have been shooting film since I was a kid and I always loved experimenting and trying new ways to shift reality. Mixed media artwork has always added to my creativity and recently my love for digital art has allowed me a new way to experiment with drawing and creating. Incorporating my photography into my digital artwork and creating mixed media collages is an extension of my internal subconscious and I constantly strive to create an alternate reality. My love for street photography is still inspired by the city I live in and capturing everyday life and light will always be a huge part of my art.